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Products and Images from ATP
These are the ways that we provide the customer with value for the dollar!
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Dodge MHC brake rotors

Dodge Motorhome Chassis parts
Dodge MHC brake rotors 1973-1981

Brake rotors for the Dodge RM300, RM350, M400, M500, M600 chassis - each is distinguished by the number of attaching bolts, either 5, 6, or 8. - All require the same dual-piston Kelsey-Hayes caliper and pads - "Which one do you need?"

  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances per OE specs

  • Contact us for delivery and payment info!

  • Call 508-788-9409 : M-F 8:30am-6:00pm

  • E-mail us:

Note the distinct shape of the right hand spring

Dodge Motorhome chassis
M375/400 rear brake shoe return springs 1969-73

These brake springs were among the most misunderstood parts on this brake system until ATP took on the job and manufactured them to OE spec - No aftermarket source had ever offered them for sale! - ATP teamed with a major spring manufacturer and a reliable replacement product was born!

  • One of each spring is used per axle shoe - 4 shoes per axle

  • Please note a complete set of eight is the only package offered - the job done Right! - Call us for price and delivery information!

M375/400 rear wheel cylinders

Dodge Motorhome chassis
M375/400 rear wheel cylinders 1972-73

The "little" secret on these chassis are the SAE flare line connection directly in the cylinder - a different type than for 1969-71. What confusion this has caused, but now ATP has solved the dilemma and made the cylinders available for you! - Call us for price and delivery information!

  • Made in USA to OE specification!

  • Don't your brakes deserve the very best? - Parts made Right!

Booster for Single System Master Cylinder
1969-1971+ M375/400 Hydrovac

Hydrovac Booster Assembly
Single System M375/400 Hydrovac Booster

This top quality remanufactured hydrovac booster is made available to the market solely through the research efforts of the nation's leader in classic Dodge motorhome chassis service brake parts - Alretta Truck Parts! No other aftermarket source lists or categorizes this part in their source materials - Through our continuing efforts to bring the largest array of brake system replacement parts to the market, we have uncovered this item for the early 5 stud wheel M375/400 chassis owners who have single stage brake systems. This covers MY 1969-1971 plus some early 1972 units. Alretta is proud to be able to offer this item with confidence of fit and function to those vehicle owners in need who search and search the aftermarket in vain looking for the correct part - "A job done right!"

  • Quality Remanufactured Parts Made in America!

  • A Complete Unit that is Ready to Bolt On!

Note the special push rod

Dodge MHC Brake Parts
Master Cylinder for Disc Brake Vehicles with HydroVac Boosters

Used on the 1973-1975 (even some 1976) Dodge Class A chassis, this new master cylinder is characterized by the special push rod installed in the bore. This unit is used only with vehicles that feature twin remote-mounted HydroVac boosters and front disc brakes. Any other part using the same casting number is incorrect. If the unit does not come pre-supplied with the rod installed, then it is the incorrect part!

  • Installing the incorrect version will cause front brake lockup!

  • No rebuilt is available anywhere commercially

Joe welcomes you in!

Most of our employees have a career worth of experience! Ask Joe how his 44 years have suited him...

  • Joe keeps a careful eye on all matters of finance to insure your accurate transactions!

Joe keeps a eye on your order!

Allow us to serve you best!

Welcome to ATP! - Let us serve you and then watch as your parts' worries melt away ! - We are preminent hydraulic brake parts specialists in America today!

  • "How may I help you?"

  • "Call me at 508-788-9409 for prompt service!"

Joe fills your orders right!

Fulfilling your order!

Filling and shipping your orders has been my priviledge for 55 years! - May I help you?

  • Staff members who care and who know the products - knowledge is the key to your success!

  • Call us at 508-788-9409 : M-F 8:30-6:00

Doing the job - Whatever it takes!

Guy drives products to market!

Guy wants to help you push products to market! Is this your order?

  • Years of experience benefit your shipment - providing packaging that gets products to you in perfect condition!

Checking out superior quality!

Guy wants you to know that Wagner stands for superior quality and performance you can trust!

  • Wagner manufactures frictions products to the strictest standards using only non-asbestos materials for safety and well-being

  • ATP carries both economy priced and premium build - riveted wherever possible - new steel when available

Bruce will help you find the perfect Hastings filter

Working for your success -
Sales Effort follows your every call!

  • Let's bring you the right filter every time!

  • When you need to uncover the correct match to your sample, Hastings is there to support you, on the Internet or directly over the phone

  • Hastings Filters, the specialists' choice!

CR products for your order

Complimentary Repair Parts for Every Job
Bearings and Seals

Coverage you will count on!

  • Chicago Rawhide provides the best seals and bearings for your special vehicle!

  • Count on ATP to provide you with the CR products you will need - the complete repair!

  • Application coverage from 1928-2018 : coverage to meet your rigorous demands!

Typical Inventory Aisle

Parts, Parts, Parts!

One of many aisles of genuine Wagner brake parts - a standard by which others are measured!

  • Master Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders, Hoses, Parking brake cables, and misc. hydraulic parts

  • Application coverages from 1926-2018 for all hydraulic brake systems - on and off-road

Typical bulk products aisle

Rotors, Drums, more Rotors!

Another aisle of exceptional Wagner premium brake parts!

  • Brake rotors, Brake drums, Studs & Nuts, applications from 1948 - 2018

Joe listens to the client carefully!

Service is an Art!
Taking orders and filling 'em!

Joe is ready to take your order and fulfill your every parts need! - Find out what 55 years of experience can mean for the success of your next purchase! - We are challenged to meet your needs every day for vintage and modern parts, restoration, fleet, or common car!

  • Attention to detail in all aspects of the transaction

  • Call us at 508-788-9409 : M-F 8:30-6:00

Our front door to the World

Door to Brake Parts Heaven!

Guy wants to show you what Alretta Truck Parts is all about!

  • 70 years in business under one family has provided real stability for the customer when time lapses between calls - We'll be there!

  • 70 years in business with the original phone number still in use!

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"Where Parts are a Science and Service is an Art!"

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